Brief Biography

Me with Cleo

The author on Chesil Beach with "Cleo" (photo taken by Liz Faleur 2010)

I am proud to have been born in Liverpool. My early years were spent in the Wirral peninsular, first New Brighton, then Moreton, then Heswall where I lived for 15 years. Then I moved to Ruthin in North Wales. After I left home, I lived in Chirk, before moving to Leicestershire. I then moved back to Ruthin, finally moving to Chester in 1987.

I have always had an interest in photography thanks to my father who, like many of his generation, could only afford to use photography to record family life by doing his own processing (in the Bathroom). I joined Heswall Photographic Society, only shortly after its founding, and started doing my own developing and printing. I was accepted at the famous Regent St. Polytechnic School of Photography in London, but was persuaded to take a safer job in industry. After working as a Work Study Engineer I joined the family business as Production Manager and later Managing Director. When this was sold I became an Accountant, where I worked first in Recruitment and later in Automotive. I am now retired.

In the 1970's I spent some time with relatives in Paris where I roamed the streets with my camera, building a unique collection of "street" photographs, a genre I am still enthusiastic about. After organizing Heswall's first annual exhibition I became their President in 1971/2. In 1973 I left, giving up serious photography altogether. However after my first marraige broke up in the early 1980's I joined Rhyl Photographic Society. In 1987 I remarried and moved to Chester. After a few years of living in Chester I was persuaded to join Chester Photographic Society. At first I just enjoyed the lectures but when we acquired a personal computer and a colour printer I was again able to pursue my hobby. I have organise the Chester PS programme for nearly 10 years.

Like many amateur photographers I really feel that my work has flourished since I acquired a digital camera back in 2001, thanks to the freedom to experiment and the immediacy of the results (not forgetting the saving of film costs). I love roaming the streets of Chester (or any other urban environment) and taking "street" photographs. A "project" I loved doing was photographing the well-known artist Edward Povey in his studio in Bangor. My latest interest is in Architecture, I am a member of the 20th Century Society. I am also a member of the Royal Photographic Society and my Associateship panel used a series of images I took of the forgotten buildings of Chester's ill fated "Northgate Project". I have had pictures exhibited several times at the Open Art Exhibition in the Grosvenor Museum, Chester.

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