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Vietnam Inc.
First Edition
First published in 1971, Vietnam Inc. played a crucial part in changing public attitudes in the United States, turning the tide of opinion and ultimately helping to put an end to the Vietnam War. Philip Jones Griffiths' classic account of the war was the outcome of three years of intensive reporting and is one of the most detailed surveys of any conflict in twentieth-century history. I took my copy to a RPS Lancaster Big Day a few years ago when PJ-G was due to speak. A signed 1st Ed. is now worth £1000s! Unfortunately he didn't show up.
On Home Ground Denis Thorpe I have always admired Denis Thorpe, especially since, as a staff photographer for 'The Guardian', he photographed the house of artist L. S. Lowry after he died, but just before they removed his belongings and furniture (the furniture van waited outside!). When I started organising the programme for Chester Photographic Society, he was one of the first on my list of speakers to book, and after giving us a most interesting presentation he kindly autographed a copy of this book for me!
The Americans Robert Frank "Few books in the history of Photography have had as powerful an impact as The Americans" - The New York Times. Introduction by Jack Kerouac.
Edward Steichen
Lives in Photography
Todd Brandow & William A. Ewing Edward Steichen (1879 - 1973) is unquestionably one of the most prolific, versatile, influential and indeed controversial names in the history of photography. This volume, published to accompany the first posthumous European retrospective of his work, traces Steichen's career trajectory from his early Pictorialist beginnings to his time working with Conde Nast and his Directorship at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.
SCRAP BOOK Photographs 1932-1946 Henri Cartier-Bresson This selection of more than 300 images presents the iconic scrapbook. During World War II, the Museum of Modern Art arranged what its curators thought would be a posthumous exhibition of his work, following his capture by the Germans in 1940. Four years later, the museum discovered that Cartier-Bresson had escaped and survived in hiding. He gladly collaborated with MoMA and brought 300 prints in a scrapbook to New York. Now handsomely reprinted, the collection spans from 1932 to 1946, and includes vivid portraits of Matisse, Picasso, Bonnard and Giacometti, as well as street photography.
like you've never been away Paul Trevor I bought this in Liverpool after seeing Paul's images in an exhibition. According to Annie Lord, National Museums Liverpool "This is an extremely warm and moving book about childhood, life and Liverpool in the 1970s."
A Propos de Paris Henri Cartier-Bresson "The photography of Cartier-Bresson certainly stimulates thought about life and society in Paris over the years and also tells us something about himself. I think it is nearer to journalism than to art, but is no less fascinating" John Faleur ARPS (my father) in 1994.
Henri Cartier-Bresson:
The Modern Century
Peter Galassi A 2010 retrospective exhibition (on which this book is based) at New York's Museum of Modern Art, the first in the United States in three decades, surveys Cartier-Bresson's entire career, with a presentation of about 300 photographs, mostly arranged thematically and supplemented with periodicals and books. Peter Galassi, who also curated the exhibition, is the MoMA Director of photography.
The Last Resort Martin Parr The Liverpool suburb of New Brighton is no longer the fashionable holiday resort it used to be, and visitors who come today carry with them images of relaxation and recreation which are often at startling odds with their surroundings. This contrast between the lived-out dream and physical reality is central to The Last Resort, Martin Parr's third book of photographs. Parr presents the paradoxes of New Brighton in tableaux of utmost detail and refulgent flesh. The questions he raises are subtle and not easily answered; but they make The Last Resort a collection which, as well as engaging the eye and exciting the emotions, also provokes thought.
Islands of The Aegean John Faleur ARPS This book was self-published by my father in 2010, using Blurb which I also exclusively use. A lovely book which I treasure!
Brassai - Paris Jean-Claude Gaustrand "Brassaï is a living eye," wrote Henry Miller of the Hungarian–born artist who adopted Paris after World War I and became one of its most celebrated photographers. Originally a painter before he moved on to writing, sculpture, cinema and, most famously, photography, Brassaï (1899-1984) was a member of Paris's cultural elite, counting Miller, Picasso, Sartre, Camus, and Cocteau, among his friends. Camera in hand, he scoured the streets and bars of Paris, unabashedly capturing the city's inhabitants in their natural habitats. Prostitutes, hoodlums, and other 'marginal' characters were the most famous heroes of Brassaï's moody, gritty photographs taken often by night. Including an extensive selection of Brassaï's finest photographs and an essay describing his life and work, this book explores the world of Brassaï in thematic chapters: Minotaure magazine, Paris at Night, Secret Paris, Day Visions, Artists of My Life, and Graffiti and Transmutations.
Steam - An Evocative Tribute to The Last Days of Steam Trains Colin Garratt This book is the finest visual tribute to the steam locomotive ever published. Colin Garratt's text and photography reflects his unique odyssey to document in pictures and words, the Last Steam Locomotives of the World. With hundreds of matchless photographs, this book vividly portrays real working steam eking out its final moments amid the great landscapes of the world. Signed by the author on his visit to Chester in 2008.
Stirling Moss: The Champion without Crown Pierre Menard For a dozen years, from 1950 to 1962, Stirling Moss was, alongside Fangio and later out on his own, the greatest driver of his day. He was the reference point in terms of driving skill, determination, pure speed and adaptability. Having been one of the first drivers who could be considered as a true professional, Moss, who was knighted in 2000, is still a familiar figure in historic racing and is famous on a world scale. This book contains several original eye-witness accounts and exclusive comments from Moss himself, as well as original photographs.
The Photography Book Ian Jeffrey When The Photography Book was first published in 1997 it was universally acclaimed as the most fundamental reference book ever on its subject. 500 superb images represent the world's best photographers and encompass every sort of photography, from pictures of famous events such as the Royal Wedding and the first landing on the moon, to familiar shots by masters of photography like Bill Brandt and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Fashion, sport, natural history, reportage and society portraiture are all represented, as are social documentary and art.
The Eye of War Phillip Knightley From the Crimean War and American Civil War through two World Wars, from Vietnam and the Gulf War to the Balkans and beyond, photographers have been drawn to the battlefront. The best war photography bares the essence of war by distilling the chaos of combat into indelible visual icons. The camera was part of the technological revolution that started to transform warfare in the middle of the 19th century. As weapons have become more deadly, cameras have kept pace, getting smaller, quicker, longer ranged.
Paris - The City And Its Photographers Patrick Deedes-Vincke From the wealth of photographic material on Paris, Deedes-Vincke has selected 100 images which he feels best illustrate not only the beauty and style of this most glamorous of cities, but the history of photography itself. This book has been organized chronologically to guide the reader through various photographic movements for which Paris provides the stage, from Daguerre's first image to the birth of photo-journalism. Many of the photographs have become classics of 20th-century culture whilst others, less well-known, help to build a picture of the powerful association between Paris and photography which has existed for over a century.
British Images 1 The Arts Council of GB Brilliant showcase of British photography in the seventies. Shows the work of Homer Sykes, Claire Schwob, John Myers, Daniel Maedows, Bryn Campell, Roslyn Banish, Ian Dobble and Paul Carter. Has the legendary 'Free Photographic Omnibus', some beautiful work by Schwob, along with amazing work from Myers and and Banish. Oh, and it also has Dobbie's westway project. Collectable, as now very rare!
The Genius of Photography Gerry Badger Published to huge critical acclaim to support the major BBC television series on this ever more influential art form, this landmark book explores the key events and the key images that have marked the development of photography. At the heart of the book is a quest to understand what makes a truly great photograph. What is it that makes a photograph by Nan Goldin or Henri Cartier Bresson stand out among the millions of others taken by all of us every single day?
The Amateur Photographers Handbook Aaron Sussman A good read for photographers. Much of the technical information is of course hopelessly out of date, but there is plenty of timeless advice as well. If you have an interest in where photography came from and how it was done back in the day, it's worth your time.
England, My England Chris Steele-Perkins Who are the English? And what images spring to mind when you think of the English and England? Ask a tourist and they would probably say Big Ben, English 'bobbies', the London Eye or maybe even the Queen. Ask a Scot, Welshmen or Irishman and you may get a different answer. However, ask an Englishman (or woman) and you will probably get more intimate (and printable) answers ...mowing the lawn, going down the pub or maybe braving the beach on a frigid summer's day. Ask Chris Steele-Perkins and he'll have a multitude of answers and what's more, as an internationally acclaimed and award-winning Magnum photographer of 40 years standing he has the images to share. In his new book, Chris presents a sweeping, unique record of what he thinks makes England truly English. Signed by the author when he visited Chester.
Beauty In Decay RomanyWG "Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints." This is the unspoken rule of urban explorers, who sometimes risk their safety, police records, and even their lives to explore abandoned buildings, sewers and storm drains, transit tunnels, utility tunnels, high-security areas of inhabited buildings, and even catacombs such as those in Paris, Rome, Odessa and Naples. Although these urban explorers usually work solo or in small teams, they collectively put forth a ground cry against a modern culture that embraces the new, polished, uniform, and mundane. Beauty in Decay features the best in full-color, panoramic photographs from urban exploration or Urbex around the world. Overgrown industrial complexes, disused lunatic asylums, abandoned palaces and forgotten monasteries are showcased, and paired with clear-sighted, poetic text.
Photography Year 1975/76 Edition Time Life Books 241 pages, chapters on the major shows, the market place, the new technology, discoveries, trends, the annual awards, the year's books and roundup.
Paris - Eugene Atget Andreas Krase Ed. Hans Christian Adam Eugène Atget (1857-1927) roamed the streets with his bulky large format camera, systematically cataloguing turn-of-the-century Old Paris down to the very smallest details. His skilled, wonderfully atmospheric photos of Paris's parks, buildings, streets, store windows, prostitutes, workers, and even door handles are a joy to behold. "Eugene Atget's 1900 visual love letter to France's capital is a delirious journey through the streets and backstreets of the city." — Amateur Photographer, London
A New History of Photography Edited by Michel Frizot Text examines the history of photography from a different angle, examining technical developments, the purpose of images, the aesthetics of creation, and the interpretations of contents. Over one thousand illustrations, both black-and-white and colour.
Creative Black & White Photography Les McLean Creative Black & White Photography takes you step by step through the thought processes and technical procedures involved in producing a high-quality print. Les McLean starts by explaining the technicalities of black-and-white photography - and, more importantly, how to overcome the technical limitations of cameras and film. Metering systems, film acutance and grain, simple tests and tricks of the trade that will allow you to achieve the image you want: all are explained simply and clearly, and backed up by specially commissioned photographs.
Photography Today
Ed. Harold Lewis 'Here is a brilliant review in picture and text of every phase of photography to-day. A product of the world popular British magazine Photography, its chief editors are Harold Lewis (who edits Photography) and two photographers, J.Allan Cash and Walter Nurnberg, both of who, are renowned for their critical and constructive powers as well as for their photographic work.
Bill Brandt - A Life Paul Delany Bill Brandt, the greatest of British photographers, who visually defined the English identity in the mid-twentieth century, was an enigma. Indeed, despite his assertions to the contrary, he was not in fact English at all. His life, like much of his work, was an elaborate construction. England was his adopted homeland and the English were his chosen subject. The England in which Brandt arrived in the Thirties was deeply polarized. He photographed both upstairs and downstairs, and recorded the industrial north as well as the society rounds of the affluent south. The subjects of his portraits include the greatest creative figures of his age, and his English landscapes were sublime. His radical treatment of the female body forms a landmark in the history of the photography. The biography is richly illustrated with duotone reproductions of his masterpieces and a number of unpublished private photographs.
Techniques of The World's Greatest Photographers Brian Coe et al This book examines the work of over 40 of the world's major exponents of this art. Covering many different fields the book outlines the approach, style and technique of a representative selection of the photographers from Nicéphore Niépce who captured the first fleeting image and Louis Daguerre who invented the first photographic process to Joel Meyerowitz who is one of America's leading photographers.
The AAPPLY Yearbook of Photography and Imaging Vol.68 Artists' and Photographers' Press This is an annual collection of some of the world's best contemporary photographers and digital image makers. The work comes from submissions from photographers from all over the world, mainly professional, that are judged by an expert panel chaired by Dr. Chris Hinterobermaier, an Austrian photographer and organizer of the Super-Circuit, one of Europe's major photography competitions.
Magnum Contact Sheets Ed. by
Kristen Lubben
This is one of the most valuable books I have in my collection. It is a book that was first published by Thames and Hudson in 2011, and contains over 139 contact sheets from 69 Magnum Photographers. Before the days of digital, they were an invaluable tool to photographers to quickly look through and edit their work (choosing their best images). It is fascinating to see images taken just before and after the one ultimately used! This particular edition is sold-out almost everywhere and is now worth quite a lot of money! It was a gift from my eldest daughter.