Just some of my collection of Photography books!
First published in 1971, Vietnam Inc. played a crucial part in changing public attitudes in the United States, turning the tide of opinion and ultimately helping to put an end to the Vietnam War. Philip Jones Griffiths' classic account of the war was the outcome of three years of intensive reporting and is one of the most detailed surveys of any conflict in twentieth-century history. I took my first edition copy to a RPS Lancaster Big Day a few years ago when PJ-G was due to speak. A signed 1st Ed. is now worth £1000s! Unfortunately he didn't show up and he died in 2008.

ON HOME GROUND by Denis Thorpe

I have always admired Denis Thorpe, especially since, as a staff photographer for 'The Guardian', he photographed the house of artist L. S. Lowry after he died, but just before they removed his belongings and furniture (the furniture van waited outside!). When I started organising the programme for Chester Photographic Society, he was one of the first on my list of speakers to book, and after giving us a most interesting presentation he kindly autographed a copy of this book for me!
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