Around the end of the 20th Century, digital cameras began to replace film cameras. They revolutionised photography as they were cheap to run (no film to purchase or process) and were convenient to use. Initially they were expensive, and the image quality was questionable, but as the 21st Century progressed they became more capable and cheaper to buy.

Strangely film cameras are 

2008 Nikon D700

This was my Dads last camera. It was sold from 2008 to 2012 when it was replaced by the even better D800.

I borrowed it from time to time, on one occasion to take shop-floor photos of employees of TI Automotive (in Deeside) when the level of light was very low. 

In 2008 DPReview (which is about to close down at the time of writing) said of this camera “In conclusion the Nikon D700 is an excellent camera that is extremely versatile and performs well both in the studio and on location. No doubt it sets a benchmark in the ‘compact’ pro bracket of the market”.

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