Membership of this club has been a constant stimulation and source of inspiration. Richard Barrett did an excellent job of the website, he has now been replaced by Owen Watkins so Richard can do my old job of Programme Secretary, which I did for 12 years!

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This excellent online photographic magazine is very good for getting feedback on one’s photographs. Just upload them and wait for other viewers to comment on your picture. See Readers Portfolios, and scroll down to yours truly! Join, its free.

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The world’s greatest photography agency was founded in 1947 by the world’s most talented photographers, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, David Seymour (Chim), and George Rodger. Already distinguished for their documentary work, they set about to form a consortium that would protect their ownership of photographic negatives, give them editorial control over the use of their photographs, and free them from the tyranny of big magazine or agency editors who took advantage of reporters’ time as well as their negatives. In short, for the first time in the history of photography, the Magnum agency provided its members with their own copyright. The benefits of this we all enjoy to this day.

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Founder Johnny Mobasher has created to sit atop a solid foundation and is poised to expand and grow and prosper alongside the genre itself. Street photography has been a buzz for a couple of decades now. Much of its popularity, as with photography more generally, can be traced back to the early days of consumer-based digital photography. Indeed, the iPhone 3G – a landmark device – enabled millions and millions of people to claim the title of photographer. No longer do we buy mobile phones, we buy cameras – cameras that can, incidentally, place calls! All of this converged to give birth to millions of new “street photographers”.

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Tom Kowach ended up becoming an engineer working in the California aerospace industry. He loved camera design and computers. In 1996 with the wave of the internet revolution, Tom began to play with web site design and began developing a few sites for himself and a few friends. The Historic Camera site started in February of 2002 to enhance his hobby of camera collecting.

The site includes three main areas of research: camera information, camera company history and biographies of photographers and important people of photography.

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David Purcells website, in the words of the creator “provides a link to the Redbellows collection of Vintage & Antique Cameras and related Photographic Ephemera that will, in time, represent the major component of this web site”. To visit his website click the image to the left.

David kindly helped me with the identification of my Lancaster 1/4 plate camera.

Flynngraphics is the website of Canadian photographer Flynn Marr, who lives in Vancouver. I was taken by his excellent website in that, like myself,  he is interested in both photography and old cameras!

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